"Had the time of my life. Don't get me wrong the training is gruelling and its an emotional rollercoaster but the pride you feel when you step through those ropes is worth every minute of it. My self-confidence is higher than it's ever been because once you have done this, you can do anything."

- Amy Hart

"Incredible. There is a stark difference between The Hurt Business and the other white collar places I've been involved in, namely that this place KNOWS boxing. Their training was technically focused and I went into my figth feeling like an expert in the sport. They truly stand out in a world full of event promotors teaching boxercise standard sessions"

-Greg Eccles

"I’ve done a white collar before and watched a  number of white collar shows. This set up is by far  the most professional and responsible I’ve seen. The  coaches are proper boxers with extensive ring  experience. Their emphasis on technical skill and  proficiency was obvious from the outset; starting  with drills and conditioning and progressing to  technical and open sparring at a pace that felt  comfortable and well supported. There’s a lot of  white collar camps out there but if you’re looking to  actually learn how to box, get in amazing shape, build proper relationships with camp mates and have the  most exhilarating night of your life in front of a  massive crowd, you won’t find anywhere better than  the hurt business."

- Danielle Wilde

"The Hurt Business is such an inspiring place to get fit, make friends and learn about yourself. The coaches are passionate and bring tons of energy to every session. White Collar Boxing was a real challenge but when it got scary there was always loads of support from fellow fights and from the coaches. I feel really lucky to have been part of the team and cannot recommend it highly enough"

- Eleanor Johnson


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